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Jess Ruiters

Art Director



A Book Well-Written is Always Too Short

Quotation Inspiration

When searching for the perfect quote to use for this project, my mind went immediately to quotes about books, since they, next to typography, are my favourite things in life. I obviously had a lot to choose from, as authors are a prolific bunch that provide ample commentary about their own passion. I ended up settling on Jane Austen's lovely quote "If a book is well written, I always find it too short". For the sake of length and my poor beginner skills, I simplified the quote down to "A book well written is always too short". Sorry if this offends any Austen fanatics, I too am a book lover and thought the message was more important and true than the wording.

For me, stories and books have accompanied me throughtout my life, a form of escape and a steadfast presence that weathered other drama in my relationships. The best ones truely are like friends and when they end, it's like waving a friend off at the airport who you know you won't see for a while. I'm aiming to make this a beautiful type poster to hang in my room, where a good majority of my reading occurs.

Descriptive Word Mind Map

I wasn't quite sure whether I wanted a fun, representational layout, or a pure type execution, so I ran through both feelings and objects that each section of the quote reminded me of. Hopefully exploring with illustrating a word from the quote will help me focus a little more.


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