A Birthday card for my niece | Skillshare Projects

Ronit Z.

So little time - so much to know! (J.H.B)



A Birthday card for my niece

Hi everybody!

This is actually my first project I have accomplished  through Skillshare :) 

I followed the steps in class. My niece loves nature  and I tried to convey that through the card. I love the 50s and 60s illustration styles so I tried to combine elements of it too as one can see through the trees and the birds and also in the liveliness and boldness of some of the colors.


I uploaded my project with slight changes to Zazzle to print a greeting card - actually a former version of it - and I plan to send it oversees to my sweet niece  once it arrives:)


Thanks so much for a great class Shelley!

I enjoyed the class very much and would definitely return for more classes by you and make more projects by the guidelines you provided.




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