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Bend the reality



A Backyard Walk

So, i just finished watching the course and my hands start to feel the need to touch my brand new and not yet well used camera, the humble sony a6000 with the 16-50 kit lenses, wich it's not the best piece of glass you could use, but being the only one i have until now, it becomes your best piece of glass. So i head down to a walk just around the block - thanks god i live right in the heart of the city, so i'm one elevator ride of a lot of interesting things happening and tall buildings everywhere - my friend Eric is with me, offering some extra safety or a subject, or both.

I tried to keep in mind the 3 main types of image that i should look for, the symmetry, look up and the stride-by. I also tried some different things and most of the time experimenting with the camera, i still kinda lost with the menus and options, but it's amazing how go out with a clear mission made this simple tests kinda of emerge in a interesting exercise of point of view and style. I very happy and even more excited to go out more and try to exercise more of this.

I'm really happy with some of the first lookup tries, i like how i could embed symmetry and the look-up at the same shoot, and also play with this light, wich kinda breaks the balance of the image.



And then i tried some stride-by shoots, not very happy with that, maybe with less cars, in the morning?


After some other shots, i get this really spontaneous when i was crossing the streets


, making use of this lines to build this symmetry and perspective.

That's it, a good time spent in this exercise, i'll definatelly adopt this kinda of way of think and acting when photographying in the streets. 

Thanks for the attention! :)


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