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Eileen Cotter Wright

Freelance Travel Writer & Content Strategist



A 90-day content plan for two travel blogs, Crooked Flight & Pure Wander

Here's an example of how I've implemented the tools talked about in the content planning class for my own business. I run two blogs - one for group travelers at PureWander.com and another for females and couples at CrookedFlight.com. Each accept guests posts and have a couple other writers on the regular. I have to keep the editoral organized, come up with post topics and make sure sponsored content is finished in a timely way. I do all SEO and marketing/promo work as well for the blogs. Below is bulleted deliverables and a drafted plan:

● Keywords and Copy Guidelines

Crooked Flight: Fun and first person, using catchy titles, subheads (H1 and H2 strategy), keywords and high-res photos. Voice and tone geared towards mellenials who like to globall travel. Audience is UK and US, with med-to-high-range vacation experience interest. Posting MINIMUM twice per week.

Keywords: Female travel, vacation ideas, Traveling to London, traveling to Boston

Pure Wander: Geared toward young to middle age crowd looking for vacation ideas in groups of three or more for families and friends. First person tips with editorial-style features. Titles, subheads and photos as well. UK and US audience. Long form and short form posts. Posting daily with two staff writers, or three times a week solo.

Keywords: group travel, muligenerational travel, traveling with parents

● A calendar for a three-month strategy

Screenshots of the editoral calendars from October2015-December2015:

Purple is Eileen on Pure Wander and travel plans

Blue is Eileen on Crooked Flight

Yellow is Ashley on Pure Wander

Green is Shauna on Pure Wander




● Tracking program

Using Google Analytics with daily checks on Jetpack Plugin in Wordpress on both sites

● Content budget

When revenue exceeds $500 per month, 25% is alloted for ads and marketing/web devlopment. $10 a month spent on Hootsuite for social media promotion.

● Creation gameplan (outsource, grunt work, etc.)

All content is written in house, roughly 5-10 hours.of work per week.

Currently content is created by Eileen, with occasional guest posting. Effort should not exceed 10 hours per week or content is outsourced. An additional 3 hours per week dedicated to external content (guest posting elsewhere).


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