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Jalen Jordan

95' Dreemer



95' Dreemer

Dont tell me. Show me, and i will learn. Thats how ive always beeen. A visual learner. Photography is something i never believed would become apart of my life but in the past two years i have found great pleasure in taking snapshots of my visions; my daydreems. I would take shots with my phone every now and then but it wasnt until i listened to Ta-ku's 25 nights for Nujabes that my ears legitimately gained the ability to see. Sounds became visions and and those visions became my photography. An unbelievable first experience i will never forget. Enough reminiscing. My Dreems for this set have come from the instrumental Lets Move by The Foreign Exchange album Connected. Buildings are not the greatest in my area so ld have to travel to get those kinda shots so i have taken shots of what was available. I apologize for any typos you may find....I never double check my work. The mistake was meant to be. 95' Dreemer

Framed image




Action Shot


Vanishing Point



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