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Tristan Chesselet




'90s Icons


As a child of the '90s I thought it would be important for me to pay tribute to all those great gizmos and gadges we had back then.

So here are some '90s icons.

I think the most important thing I took away from this class was the idea of re-using design elements - for instance the circles used are the same size in all 4 icons (look at the rounded corners of the water pistol's water tank and the discman's headphones + the rollerblade's wheels), same with some of the rectangular elements.

1) Rollerblades

2) Nintendo 64

3) Super Soaker 5000

4) Sony Discman


Thanks for the class Adam - It was interesting and well presented 10/10. (Oh and I'm also South African so high five to that!)

I'd like to add more to this series, so let me know what you guys think would be cool to add.


You can see the project on behance here:


Hope you enjoyed!


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