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9 photos that represent my Instagram brand.

Here are my latest 9 photos that pretty much shows my style in the last 40-ish photos 

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Latergram from last Friday, damn I miss the snow it makes the city and the nature surrounding Copenhagen so much more photogenic. Hopefully the snow will make a visit again soon and stay for a little longer than 24 hours.

Frozen field and lake in the woods near Copenhagen

On the road, Never stop exploring 

Shine a light

All the wilderness

The frozen lake in the woods.

I just love the woods when it's covered in snow, but I wished Denmark had mountains or even hills, but it's flat as a pancake. (Highest point is 170 meters above sea level).

It snowed a bit yesterday so this morning @jonas_kbhdrove @denfrandsen @mathiasmilton and I to the woods. We were blessed with a wonderful sunrise, so expect some new shots from a snow covered wood in the coming days.

The swans

Club Sunday on a Friday on a Saturday


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