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9 photos from my Instagram feed

Hi, I'm Kat (@englishmamma). I'm English and a mamma (in case you didn't get that...) and have been living in Sweden for the past eight years. I've been working on my Instagram feed for a while to get a more coherent look that represents the subjects I'm using (family life, travel, a little food and a little interiors). 

All of these have been taken on my iPhone using the VSCO app to both snap the shot and edit. I use the filters there, rather than in Instagram, as I find VSCO's less harsh and I like the control of the other editing tools there far more than those native to Instagram.

I want my photos to tell the story of my family, our travels and our everyday life.


It's still work in progress and I know there is room for improvement but I feel that I have come a long way from where I began:



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