9 Watercolor Techniques

9 Watercolor Techniques - student project

I have done very few watercolor paintings. I've always wanted to try more. I very much enjoyed this class. I might try another practice tomorrow because I want to try different colors and also see if I can get some of the techniques to come out better. I used a dried up thistle for the nature moon and used it to stamp the splatter around it. My coarse salt moon looks kinda like a Petrie dish LOL.

9 Watercolor Techniques - image 1 - student project

Second try today. I used table salt today and a dead leaf from one of my indoor plants. I think it made a super dramatic-looking texture, almost like satin. It's hard to see the metallics, but I used silver on the purple moon and layered gold and bronze on the yellow one. 

9 Watercolor Techniques - image 2 - student project

Amber Jolly
Artist in Training