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Gareth Pon

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9 Photos to an Instagram Profile "Makeover"

After exploring and traveling internationally, my Instagram profile had taken on a different style and a life of it's own. When I returned home, I really wanted it to reflect and give off the feel of South Africa again. I decided to explore some abandoned buildings in Johannesburg, capture the grit of the city again and ultimately refresh my profile so it would feel "proudly South African."

I headed out with the intention of capturing images that could only be captured in Johannesburg, armed with a Galaxy S5 and a Moment Wide Lens I made my way through a few buildings, found some rooftops and intercepted some places I wasn't allowed to go.

This is what my grid (first 9 visible photos on Instagram) looked liked just before the refresh:

This is what my grid (first 9 visible photos on Instagram) looked like just after the refresh:

After the refresh of my account, I also updated my Profile to what it is now. Because I like smiling and yellow, I changed my profile picture to the one below. I also updated my bio and tweaked my editing style slightly so it would look new and feel South African again.

Below are the images I used to give my profile a makeover. As you can see they've got a very consistent style in the editing and theme. As 9 images they tell a story and I try to always portray a unique perspective in whatever I shoot.


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