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9 Photos That Represent My IG Brand

Hello my name is Jonah Gonzales and I am currently a graphic design student at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. Instagram and photography are a hobby that turned pretty serious after I purchases my first camera about a year ago. Most of my pictures are from a DSLR and a few from my iPhone, it just depends on what I am trying to capture and where I am at that moment. I've been exploring and taking photos almost every chance I get. Below are the last 9 photos I have posted on my instagram feed and a little story about the photo. 

Thanks you guys for checking out my project! I hope you all enjoy and be sure to check out my instagram page.  



Here is my latest image from my feed. It was taken this past weekend in Austin, TX of a man on a jog. I had to act very quickly to get the shot and I am very happy with the result. 



Here is another image from that same day in Austin of my girlfriend Kara who is usually with me on my instagram photo adventures. 


Here is a shot from our state capitol building also from that same day in Austin. 


Weird angles and harsh light. 


"There's beauty in the struggle."


Tight squeeze in this Austin alley way. 


A stride by of a man crossing the street in Austin, TX. 


This last photo is actually a later gram I found from over the summer in Houston, Texas. I thought the light would be a perfect mix for the style I am trying to ahieve. It is a portrait of my friend Sarah from back home. 

Thank you for checking out my latest photos from my instagram feed be sure to follow me to see more. 



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