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9 Photos Representing Me

Hey all,

My name is Dāvids Grīnbergs. I go by the name of Meunis on Instagram. I am from Latvia, Cesis and i have lived here all my life. Most of the pictures has been captured with my iPhone 5, but i have been planning to upgrade my inventory to something more serious.

I find my passion by discovering and photographing new places and its inhabitants.

In my work I try to simplify, I always try my best to get rid of distractions.

Anyway, here are 9 shots that represent my style (all except 8th photograph are shot with iPhone 5): 

Latvia’s longest river „Gauja” shortly before sunset.

Snow covered tree in the middle of abandoned building.

Hiking down the road.

I ussualy explore by myself, but sometimes i like to discover new places with my family members.

Thunderstorm-ish wheat field.

Natural explorer after bush fire.

Seagull flying over ferryboat.

I took this one at local sawmill, unfortunately i had to delete it because security guard was going to beat me, but i was lucky to find out that i will be able to recover this photograph using special software.

Beauty-eyed abandoned cat.

After taking this class, i have understood that branding is a lot more than username and profile picture.

So if you find my Instagram feed appealing feel free to follow me. Don’t be afraid -  I never post just for the sake of posting.


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