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9 Miles Of Ephemera & Antiques

I am beginning with an existing online presence and experience in the field of antiques and vintage paper. My presence online includes an active blog, sales sites, facebook, instagram, pinterest, tumbler, digg, and stumbleon sites.


My main sales site is https://www.etsy.com/shop/9MilesOfWonder

I have been a Property Master for Theatre, Film and now TV for over 22 years and as such have amassed a large collection of vintage & antique items including: printed images, advertising, maps, other graphics, & antique oddities.

The blog provides informational articles from on vintage items, collectibles, and features a  calendar of events ranging from Ephemera Shows to Auctions from around the world. Since adding the calendar my subsriber base has grown from 100 to almost 1200 folks in 3 months. I am looking at this class as an opportunity to hone in on the needs of my niche customers and take the busness to the next level.


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