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Benjamin Andrew




9 Instagram Shots

Hello! Here's some of my shots :)


I enjoy taking nature photos, as I've grown up living out of cities as I'm sure you can tell in most these photos. Been taking photos for a few months now, and Brisbane City is going to be my home for a year, so I plan to expand my knowledge of photography and link up with Australian instagrammers and take more shots.

Below are me previous 9 images on my instagram feed. Feel free to say hey on Instagram, love to know more photographers! 

Feed at the moment:

With @omniment (below)

With @fekibeats (below)

With @tabrilltime (below)

These images sort of show the evolution of my brand into different areas, and I don't think the 9 here accurately portray all 100% of my brand, and so over the coming months I'll be trying to step it up.

Thanks for checking them out, hope you like. More to come.


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