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Edgar Chaparro

UX/UI Designer based in San Francisco




Original Image 


Round 1: Like any image the first thing I did was bring it into Lightroom I knew right off the bat when i saw this that It was to bright and that I wanted to darken it up a little bit. so a first brought down the exposure just a tad bit and added some contrast. I then added a filter that I am a fan of in lightroom using the VSCO presets called Preset: S- PX-680 and added some clarity to the image which got me to the next image. 



Round 2: I knew that I wanted to really bring out the grunge in this image. The building itself is pretty intense and you can find some wild stuff once you start exploring the yards. needles glass you name it you will find it. I really wanted it to feel that way so had to abandoned the gold tint and started making the image feel colder. I clipped the blacks and shifted my purple hue slider and temperature until I found somewhere that I was pretty comfortable with. The result the final image you see below



Finish Him: When I got to this image I was pretty satisfied with where I was. Threw was depth texture and clarity to the image. And it just felt right. Sometimes you just gotta roll with how you feel and at that moment this was how I felt.

Thank you for going through my project! make sure you visit me on my site or Ig page below! 

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Peace and grace, 

Juan Luv 

The one that didnt make it 



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