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8858 feet closer to the stars - Bogotá

Hello there! I'm Juan from Bogotá, Colombia. 

This project and photography in general have helped me to overcome a little bit my depression in the last few months. I felt really great while taking these pictures. I'm kind of happy with the final results. Something that I want you to know is that taking pictures in the downtown of my city is really risky. So, you have to think more than once when to take out your camera in the streets. Hope you enjoy my work!

1. Portrait

That's a security guard. I don't know in your countries, but here, you are not allowed to take pictures to these kind of people. I took the opportunity and this was the result. I really like the color of the wall and how it combines with his uniform.

2. Motion

For this picture I was standing in the middle of a roundabout. It's pretty strange to see school buses like this around here. It's a shame that the stop sign is kind of blurry, but I love how the bird in the top matches perfectly with the essence of the picture.

3. Look-up

The challenge here was to take the picture exactly centered. I had to wait for the red light to shoot it standing in the middle of the street. 

4. Night

That's a bus station in the north of the city. I like the contrast between the lights inside the station and the darkness in the street. I also love the X's formed by the structure of the station.

And that's it. 

Hope you liked it, and don´t hesitate in giving me feedback.

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