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8214 Family Room

We just moved into our new house. I am still in the planning/dreaming stage, so I would love to have your input.

This is what I am starting with... NOTHING!

This is our family room in the new house on the day of the home inspection. We have tan walls, with sage green in the alcoves. We are wanting to paint the walls. My husband wants light gray and I want to stay with the light tan. Can we mix gray and tan in a room or in a whole house design?

The floor is a neutral wood that will be fine for now but we would like to replace it with a medium tone, hand scraped wood floor.

The room has good bones but it needs lots of work. I do love the alcoves! I want to put white bookshelves in both of them... Repetition of placement.

The fireplace mantle, which is the focal point of the room,  just looks dirty, not antiqued. I want to paint the mantle a glossy white. The other change that we are wanting to make is to cover the fireplace wall with faux rock or stone and make a reclaimed lumber mantle... Visual Texture and Interest. This is an example of what we are wanting to do, but with white shelves:

Our furniture needs- We have a black leather couch that will face the fireplace. We are considering putting a TV above the mantle. Will that work with the rock and reclaimed lumber mantle? Would it be better to have a tv on one of the bookshelves? Or, lately, we have been talking about not having a TV at all. How shocking is that? But, it does ruin the look and the peace in the room. Something we want to consider....

We need to buy an area rug and two cozy side chairs. Any suggestions of color? We have been thinking about adding more of the sage green in the room or a splash of turquoise or red or a accent of copper. We like calmer, more neutral surroundings with an accent of color. But, we are not afraid of color, either. We had a red plaid couch for 10 years, that we gave away last year and now wish that we had it back!

This picture show the placement of the furniture that we are considering with the couch facing the fireplace, with two chairs and an ottoman. That would fill our needs best but not make the room too cluttered... Needs. I like the layout of the furniture in this picture but I also like the feel of the room. It is rustic but also elegant.

I would love to have your input and suggestions for our new family room.  We moved in last Thursday!


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