80's Horror Flick Throwback

80's Horror Flick Throwback - student project

I don't remember much about the old 80's horror flick C.H.U.D., about mutants/monsters living beneath New York City and coming up to eat people, but it must have made an impression on me since it was the first thing I thought of when I saw this sewer cover tutorial.

I decided to offset the friction bumps by selecting a ring of bumps using the ellipse tool, cutting it, pasting it to a new layer, then using the transform tool to rotate it. I repeated that for the next layer in as well.

I decided to go with two holes along the edge rather than 4 holes in the top.  I made them pretty much the same way except I:

  • Created an oval (on a new layer) at the edge with a stroke about 20px
  • Using the elliptical tool, I created a selection around the manhole over
  • Inverted the selection, and deleted it (removing the part of the ellipse that fell outside of the manhole cover).
  • Made a selection around the inside of the ellipse
  • Filled it with black
  • Keeping the selection in place so I couldn't paint outside the lines, I painted a bit around the edge with the granite texture using the rubber stamp tool.  This makes it look like you can see the ridge the manhole cover is resting on.
  • Copied the 1st hole, rotated 180 degrees (using the transform tool) and positioned it on the opposite side.

I also added some blue filtering, adjusted levels, contrast and brightness to darken the image

Lastly, I added the blood spatters and bloody hand prints.

80's Horror Flick Throwback - image 1 - student project