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8 styling principles assignment

Hello! I picked this image because Im drawn to the simple palette and context.

Needs : an eating area that possibly doubles as a workspace

Shape : the light fixture / the stool by the fireplace with the lamp on top / the curves of the eames chairs in contrast to the rectangular table and artwork

Color : neutral palette but but I think the layering of black, white, metals and woods keep it from looking too flat or too simple

Pattern : the rug pattern and the graphic print on the wall

Texture : the light fixture / the antlers / the organix sculpture on the table

Placement : the books on the table / the collection of vases or candles on the mantle / picture frames in line with the antlers / the coffee and teacup on the table

Bling : hints of gold on the vase on the mantle and items on the table

Botanicals : the simple arrangement on the bookcase, big and centered, soften the image

Cant wait to learn more so I can style my space like this! :)

------------------------  B E F O R E    P I C T U R E S --------------------------------------------------

(Not sure if theres a way to upload assignments under different projects or if we can only do it under one file?)

Hello everyone! Very excited to be taking this class and learning a lot already! I love seeing other peoples spaces and can't wait to see everyones finished rooms!

I'm an architectural designer, which is pretty embarrassing since I feel like my place would not show it! I've actually rearranged my set up a few times and think I'm finally happy with the layout but want to start putting it all together. I tend to stick to a neutral palette, but I want to add some pops of color. From what Im learning I also need to bring in some textures and plants! I've been doing a bit of spring cleaning - donating lots of magazines and books and pieces Im ready to part with. I was starting to feel like the space was a bit cluttered. The living area doesn't get much natural light (my only big problem with the space). I've been here almost a year and I'm ready to make it the space I dream it to be. 

Bookcase //

Sofa // I definately need something over the sofa, probably an art piece or large photo. Just can't make my mind up to what. 

Coffee Table // This is how I try to keep my coffee table but usually by the end of the week it has more books and my laptop. My fake ikea plant since my living area gets very little natural light. :(

Console //

Bedroom // My attempt to bring in some color! pillows!


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