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8 Principles of style/ my bare bones home

Hello! First off a little about my space and me, I very recently moved (2 weeks ago) into a little duplex with my boyfriend.  We do not have one set style that I can find to work with yet so it may look a little random but I'm hoping to be able to use the decorations we already have and supplement once I have a better vision of where I want to take my space. I love to find new things at thrift shops and goodwill however, I am somewhat of a hoarder and clutter is my biggest enemy, so my main goal is to show off what I do have while keeping it functional and "clean".  I also want to incorporate living plants, I have a few fake flower arrangements that I have put together to add bursts of color but I really want to add to this. I love rooms that have basic neutrals with pops of color through out. I am so excited to be taking this class because I have always been very interested in interior design but have always felt that what I set out to accomplish never comes together quite right! 

I found this picture on pinterest a while ago and fell in love with it! I cannot get away with being this girly in my space but I love how the patterns and color are well balanced.

Needs: Table and chairs for dining, wine rack in corner

Shape: Round table with the rectangular chairs, round chandelier paired with rectangular and square frames, round tray on table with candleholders.

Color: Light pink on the walls, black and white chairs and furniture

Pattern: The mismatching chairs with floral and striped patterns

Texture: Ruffled curtains, very smooth table

Placement: The frames up on the shelf, plants centered on table and on counter, three chairs around table with one stored in the corner

Bling: the chandelier!

Botanicals: Flowers front and center and two potted plants on the counter. 

Ok, now onto my before pictures, please keep in mind I have in no way set anything up apart from moving it into my house! 

my built in book case

My console (sorry its so dark couldn't get a good shot of this one)


super boring Ikea coffee table

the bed, love my new duvet cover, ha obviously need some curtains instead of my throw blanket covering the window... 


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