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Chas Góngora

Hello Beautiful People! :)



8 Principles of Styling

1) Needs: A vintage wooden dresser with cabinets for storage. This is a great piece because if you have limited space in your bedroom you can have some extra storage for you valuables.

2) Color: I think the pink walls and colorful pillows compliment each other in a subtle but captivating way.

3) Botanicals: The large flower on the dresser and the plant in the window bring life to the room. Also, they bring those of us who maybe living in a concrete jungle.

4) Bling: My favorite parts of this room are actually the bling pieces. The over head light fixture is gorgeous and 50's retro style (I swoon). The other bling piece that I adore is the gold framed mirror (adorable).

5) Shape: The lamp is a fun oddly shaped rectangle. I think it is an interesting shape to add to the other shapes such as the circular table it's sitting on, the circular gold framed mirror and the rectanglular shaped wooden.

6) Pattern: I think this fun Zebra pattern is a great touch because it's not screaming for attention, but it's definitely getting a standing ovation from me.

7) Placement: The little cluster of items in the window are a fun combination because it helps your eyes continue to move throughout the photo of the room. Also, some fun eye candy!

8) Texture: The large grey throw is a nice touch because it gives you that cuddly/comforting feeling for rainy days when you just want to snuggle up, read a book and drink a cup of hot tea.


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