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Emily Beetleshack

The Beetle Shack



8 Principles of Styling {the beetle shack}

NEEDS- a playful place for a teenager to sleep

SHAPE - Square elements such as the bed, pillows and artworks interplay nicely with the rounded side table and bulbous lamp which also addresses scale in a playful way. 

COLOUR - POP! I adore the restrained use of colour paired with abundant, crisp white. That pink neon pom pom on the white cushion is a total highlight for me.

PATTERN- Pattern is subtly introduced via the polka dotted pillow slip and the art displayed on the walls

TEXTURE - crumpled cottons and lusty velvets topped with fuzzy pom poms. Soft scolloped hanging decorations coupled with smooth, crisp metals.

PLACEMENT- repetition can be seen in the pom poms and artworks.  The overall space feels slightly cramped to me but this is a real home/room, not a 'styled' shoot- I adore the playful nature of the space so the overlapping feels casual (and messy) but loved.

BLING - can be found in the lamp, the only shiny surface

BOTANICALS- nope. A tissue paper flower is as good as we get here.



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