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8 Principles of Styling: Living Room Art Gallery

8 principles of design project:

I love how easy this space feels.  I want to set up shop on that coffee table with an art project, sitting on that comfy rug with my lounge pants, a comfy shirt, and socks, and, a steaming cup of coffee, of course...

I traced this interior shot to this website: http://remodelista.com/posts/the-unplanned-designers-loft-in-brooklyn

Before Pictures of Apartment:


  1. Bookshelf Area:

         2. Sofa:

Little Darla ("D Money") chillin' on the sofa...

     3. Coffee Table:

Nugget ("Nugs") adding her own "texture" to the coffee table ;)

     4. TV Console:

     5. Bed:

After Photos of Coffee Table:

Styling my coffee table and participating in this class was/is a super fun break from an extremely busy weekend/week/month.  I'd love to hear constructive feedback on how my styling went.  We live in a rental, so we can't paint the walls, and I don't have the money or the time to buy color coordinates like curtains and pillows, so I'm currently just working with what I have around the house, though, in the future, I'd love to buy or make some new curtains to begin creating a more obvious and beautiful color palette (summer project!).

Here's how I broke down the styling:

1. Needs: A place to set down drinks, coasters to provide surface for drinks. 2. Shape: Rectangular books and wooden box (with recycled glass containers inside) in contrast with organic accessories such as wooden musical frog, four leaf clover ash tray, candle, boobs "bud vase". 3. Color: Red silk scarf as table runner, colorful art books with accents of similar red to scarf, natural wood tones and green from botanicals. 4. Pattern: Polka dots on scarf, pattern of stacked books--botanical collection--stacked books. 5. Texture: Botanicals 6. Placement: arrangement of books and botanicals. 7. Bling: glass ash tray, candle, recycled glass vases. 8. Botanicals: Mixture of water plants (Bamboo, pathos, and silver philedendron) and yellow and white flowers (fever fews?).



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