8 Principles of Styling + Before Pictures + Coffee Table



Coffee Table

Plain, white ottoman from Ikea

8 Principles

1. Needs: Somewhere to sit (sofa), somewhere to put drinks/feet (coffee table)

2. Shape: Square frames balanced by round window, organically-shaped coral

3. Color: Warm tones, green window frame

4. Pattern: Pillows feature a mixture of prints and patterns

5. Texture: the soft squishy couch vs. wooden table, vs. coral, vs. glass bottle

6. Placement: Frames and book piles

7. Bling: Vase, votive, window

8. Botanicals: Plants in window, plant in vase

Before Pictures

My Couch

Coffee table, view 1

Coffee table, view 2 (featuring cat)


Bookshelf (with cat)

Bed (with cat); I need the most help with this one!!


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