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8 Principles of Style Example Photo

This photo is an example of the 8 principles of style in action.

1. Needs- The bed and chairs serve the purpose of ensuring that the room is a functional space.

2. Shape- The room has lots of squares and rectangles.  From the pillows to the nightstands to the wood border on the wall, the square/rectangle shape is carried out throughout the room.

3. Color- Yellow, cream and black are the colors carried throughout the room.

4. Pattern- From the trellis pattern on the curtain panels to the fun patterns on the throw pillows

5. Texture- The two square wall pieces above the bed add texture along with the material selected to cover the arm chairs in front of the bed.

6. Placement- The staging on the items on the nightstands is a great example of placement.

7. Bling- The silver lampbases and a few of the accents on the nightstands add a touch of bling.

8. Botanicals- The nightstands and pedestal table each contain a botanical element.


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