8 Principles and update!

I know that this is a little late but I took the color principle really seriously and decided to spray paint my sad looking coffee table orange! I love how it looks! Here is the before and after. you could hardly see it when you walked in the room and now its an unexpected pop of color. I know that it's small for the space but I have to make do for know.

Then, I decided that I was going to go shopping in my own house and found all kinds of interesting obejects I could display. I found an old blue tray and used it to corral a wooden duck, a colorful cactus and a green mercury glass ball (BLING!). Then I added a seashell covered ball for texture.  

I took two smallish books (had to be! Not a lot of space!) and placed a small potted begonia and two glass milk bottles. 

Finally, I addeda red metal box and placed a carved stone bear on top. Obviously, I make this sound a lot easier than it actually was. I really moved and changed this around quite a bit!

I really like how it turned out and am really excited about the other areas in my house that will get a face- lift in the coming days! 

8 principles of styling. I chose this picture because I like the colors and the placement of the vases and ceramics on the shelves.

Before pics

Sofa and coffe table: this really needs some help! Basically, a blank canvas.

Console table: not too bad but it could be something much better!

Shelves: Removing the clutter will be step one. I think this could turn out really great!

Bed: nothing done here, not even the bed! As much a blank canvas as the sofa.


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