8 Principles Project 1

image from: lolaandleopold.com

Here are my before pictures. Didn't do much straightening up, so am a little embarrased by the clutter!

Below is my mantle. Have some of my daughter's new artwork loosely displayed and some other recent gifts from Christmas. After taking the photo, it seems really clear that I am sorely missing something botanical.

We have a really small living room and the sectional came from another house. Since we have a 2-yr old, we don't want to replace it with something better sized until she stops spilling stuff on it! But the dark color and large size seem to be overwhelming the room.

Also, it seems odd that I have so much beige for someone who loves color!

Below is our cofee table (if you can even call it that!). This was a cheap purchase from Target to solve the problem of the baby wounding herself on a sharp-edged table, but is looks pretty shabby. Yuck.

No bookshelves, so below is a console table we have in the living room. Bought the painting recently and just placed it there, but it probably should go on a wall somewhere.

Looks like I have a lot of work to do! "After" pics coming soon.....


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