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8 Elements of Style; Colorful Bedroom

These first photo is the before picture, my coffee table is an ottoman with a window on top of it which I like but can feel limiting.  

The above and 2 below are my after photos.  I added books that reflect the pallette and 3 circles as a small collection with brass ash-tray as my bling.  Dish serves to hold mugs or other things instead of tray and my botanicals are in a terrarium that also brings texture and is part of the circular small collection.  I also have an old jar filled with candies.  

Below are photos of my apartment as is...the entryway is pretty rough and so are many parts of the apartment.  I live on the second floor of a house, and moved in November 1.  This is my first apartment and I am sharing it with my boyfriend who does respect my style and is pretty flexible.  I have tried to incorporate color and botanicals into all rooms of the apartment but there is still a lot of polishing that needs to be done.  

The apartment is small and I have used a lot of baskets to hide clutter.  The bedroom dresser I am planning to paint a deep red and that room needs curtains.  All of my furniture is second-hand or hand me downs from family members.  My budget is pretty small so I like to use a lot of plants and greenery and thrift store details.

Below is my inspiration piece that I have used to review the elements of style.

1)Needs:  Table for nighttime reading and writing, water drinking.  Chair for dressing/resting.

2) Shape:  Bed/Corner of room. Rounded table for softness to hard edges

3) Color: Dark walls, Bright bedding, colorful pillows. Pallete: Coral pinks and Yellow

4) Pattern: Mixing solids with checks and triangles, Moutain tapestry on wall.  

5) Texture: Furry/soft chair,  hard table of wood, softness of linens on bed and contrast of cold mountain image all a part of the texture and this also includes the plant on the night table.

6) Placement: Bed is centerpiece of room with tapestry over bed drawing attention.  Table next to bed for functionality and to add rounded shape.  Plant and small collection on table.

7) Bling: Not really bling that I see on in this image

8) Botanicals: Plant on table


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