8 COUNTRIES IN 8 MINUTES - student project

Hello there!

I'm a french filmmaker.

I was editing my travel video and I needed some help... I found your class Randy and it really helped me to see clearer in my edit (I had the shots already), see how I can deliver my message better (with some relevant advices).


My video is about my ERASMUS (international european program) in Sweden. I stayed there for 8 months and traveled in 8 countries: Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Russia, Estonia, Finland. I wanted to show my travel in a simple way, focused on nature and people I traveled with.


The video: https://youtu.be/81E-oZqF3Pk


So I used your advice such as :

- use the  appropriate music to set up the rhythm and tone of the shots

- put black screen transition to move from a country to another

- mix the shots: wide, medium and close ups

- and more little details :)


I filmed with my iPhone 7, a DJI Mavic, a GoPro Hero 4 Silver with a stabilizer (Feiyu) and few shots with a Canon 700D.

I edited the video on Final Cut Pro X, I used adjustment layer to make the color grading an easier job (I played with saturation and exposure, that's it).


I'm looking forward to get your feedback Randy ;) 

And thanks for your clear and helpful class!



Cyrille Taczynski.