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8 Basic Principles of Interior Styling

I think every corner of the house should be interesting. I imagine this would be that little spot in the hallway that you just don't really know what to do with!

NEEDS: Need a place to unwind and reflect after a long day.

SHAPE: The little celadon vase really sets off the straight lines on the chair and the pendant light.

COLOUR: A very neutral palette with pops of yellow, mint and a fiesta on your feet (the rug)!

PATTERN: It's a party on the floor with all the pretty colours creating a fun pattern on the rug.

TEXTURE: A lovely texture on the rug to create a soft haven for your feet after a long day.

PLACEMENT: Placing one large and one small pendant light next to each other creates more dimension.

BLING: The rusty bronze chains from the pendant light.

BOTANICALS: Bring life to the room with a huge cactus!


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