7AGE - Eco Apparel

Hi everyone!

We are an eco apparel company based in Taiwan that is learning on how to expand our sales channel into the US market.  

I, myself, was born & raised in California, but it was especially important for us to be based out of Taiwan because it is where most of the world's textile R&D takes place.  As such, one of the coolest things we do at 7AGE is we get to work with these departments to develop innovative and sustainable material that EVERYONE can and should use for their products.  We do this because our company was founded on one simple idea, if we truly are to walk down the path of creating a more sustainble society, everyone has to pitch in and be part of it. 

This class was particularly useful because it gave us a lot of insight on how different wholesale/distribution is here in the U.S. than in Asia and just in general how to think from a wholesale perspective rather than retail. I think we still have a lot more we need to learn, but nevertheless, we created our first US linesheet based on this class' teachings.  Coming from the retail side, we understand the pressure of overstock inventory, thus we try to give the wholesale buyers at least a 3x difference between purchase price and MSRP price.  This way, they also have more flexibility on what type of promotion they want to do. However, these are just my thoughts that I wanted to share with everyone, and I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has any insights and constructive feedback on the linesheet we have created.

Thanks for reading!


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