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70 degrees

My wife and I are workaholics.  We never take any time off.  In fact, we would plan on taking trips and then cancel because we "had work to do."  But no more!

Last year, we went on two of our first vacations. 1 to Prague and 1 to Istanbul.  And it was awesome.  It was 70 degrees the whole week in both places.  Perfect weather.  We got lucky because my wife has to put in for vacation almost a year in advance.  We got lucky.

That got me thinking - we should always have 70 degree vacations.  And other people who have to plan vacations months and months in advance may want that too.  So my app is this - You input which days you have off (on an interactive calendar) and you input the temperatures you like (on a range slider) and the app spits out a bunch of cities that on average (the past 10 years) have temperatures in your range on those dates.

Hopefully, people will consider cities that they never would have thought of in the past.  Maybe you have time off in August, but you don't like hot weather?  Maybe the mid 60s is more your speed.  How about Minsk?  I was able to find daily temperature data for over 300 cities and it's taking me a while to take the averages and format the data, but I'm making my way through it.

Hope you like it when it's done!



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