7 days challenge

7 days challenge - student project

I had to jump in, I love challenges and can't deny it :P This is my warm up for Day 1 using nib and ink, brush pen and liner. I'll scan it tomorrow, time to sleep now!

7 days challenge - image 1 - student project

7 days challenge - image 2 - student project

Day 2: ohhh I love thiiisss!!! If only I could keep inking while sleeping :D silhouettes are such a pleasure to ink. Those derpy cats made me laugh. For the first one, I took as reference my 2 week old kitten nephew but it loos like a blob hahaha! some poses are more gorgeous and readable than others when making silhouettes. Alrighty, see ya tomorrow!.  (I used micron and felt tip brush pen for this exercise)

7 days challenge - image 3 - student project

Day 3: Alright this is supposed to be wet on wet, but my paper got dry quite fast and I just rolled with it and I actually like it... so I don't know if I should say I failed or nailed it but here it is and I think I got a crush on it:

7 days challenge - image 4 - student project

(I used watercolor paper which had lot of texture)


Day 4: I think this is similar to what I did with the silhouette day? Ooops. Anyhow, this brought back memories, I used to love doodling with hatching marks when I was in high school. Don't remember why I stopped. I'm quite inspired today, so I'll keep working on the next days. 

7 days challenge - image 5 - student project


Day 5: This wasn't at all what I expected. I have one acrylic ink and I wasn't that happy with the color to begin with but I thought I could make some flowers with a tad of dark accents. The ink repelled the ink and I got a thin and homogeneous coat of acrylic on top of the black ink. Alright, I dip the very tip of the brush and bleeeghh it turned crappy with every brush stroke and got pissed and kept brushing until it became the gray flower in the middle (right). It was a total fail but I wanted to make use of the black ink and acrylic ink I had already poured and made this: 

7 days challenge - image 6 - student project


Day 6: After my very failed day 5 and after thinking about what went wrong and what can I do to make it better, I was happy to jump to digital. Here are my sketches:

7 days challenge - image 7 - student project


Day 7: I completed them in less than 7 days, heh, but this one took me most of my Saturday and I had fun!! I haven't done much digiart latetly so it was a great way to brush up my skills:


7 days challenge - image 8 - student project


Thank you Anna!

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