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Ce Cruz




7 Ways to Die on Friday the 13th

Hi everyone! Here's my first zine. I hesitated a lot until I finally chose the movie Friday the 13th. It always make me laugh because every time someone dies, it does in different and funny ways.

My idea was to mix illustration and collage, because I love collage and I can't find occasions to use it. Also, I wanted it to have that 1970s punk look, so I incorporated halftones and imitated a bad registration in order to make it look artificial and flawed.

I added color digitally. At first, I started painting in red, but it was too much blood for me so I changed it to blue. And it made me laugh so much to draw Jason's mask on the inside! Until I realized that it can not serve as a mask. It is cut in half! I'll remember this little detail next time...

What do you think? Would you do something different? Thanks in advance!


(the upper row is rotated, so you can see it properly)


(this is the back)




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