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7 Graphic Design Tips To Become A PRO Designer!

Hi everyone, My name Lilt thomas. I started july teach challenge little late. but I have completed it now.

My class details are below,

Title: 7 Graphic Design Tips To Become A PRO Designer!

In this class I am teaching about 7 tips, which help you to make professional style design.


Want to make Professional Graphic designs? Want to know the hacks that expert designer using to build their PRO Designs? This course is for you. In this course you are going to learn 7 hacks or methods which make any one from an average designer to a pro designer.

Professional design is based on the small details. These small details can make huge difference in your Designs. By follow these hacks you can build your designs professional.

Whether you are looking to create a banner, a logo, broacher, social media post, ecover, an image for your blog posts or any other designs, this course will help you to make your design looks modern professional design.

So, Enrol now and use these little tricks to spice up your designs!

You will also get some awesome bonuses also at the end of this course.

This is my first class. Hope you enjoy it!

Class Project: 

Create one design using either one of the tip discussed in this course and submit as project.

class Outline link:

Introduction Video link:

Class Promotion:

I shared my free enrolment class in facebook group, and in some forums also.

It is almost end of july; but I'm just published my first class hope you like it. please enroll in my class in give me some feedback. looking forward for a great community to Learn and Share.

Here is my class link: 7 Graphic Design Tips To Become A PRO Designer!

Thank you.


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