7 Day Meditation Journal


Day #1
- Date: 12/28/20

- Time: 12:30pm

- Duration: 5 minutes

- Highlights: Counting inhales/exhales up to ten took a few rounds to work, but by the third time through I felt incredibly relaxed, stopped focusing so much on things like itches, and was able to focus more on my breath. 

 - Issues/questions:  As a parent of small kids, I'm always at least a little tired.  Following this meditation I immediately took an hour long nap.  This has been my problem in the past, that I just get closer to sleep.  Also, as mentioned in the successes, it was very hard to sit still without having to scratch itches or adjust my seating.


Day #2
- Date: 12/29/20
- Time: 12:30pm
- Duration: 6 minutes
- Highlights: Felt the urge to fidget slightly less.  Was able to just note things like itches and then move on without scratching them.
- Issues/questions: I find it very difficult to meditate when I can hear people moving around in the house (something that is unavoidable during the day).  I get thrown off the most when I can hear talking.


Day #3
- Date: 12/30/20
- Time: 2:00pm
- Duration: 7 minutes
- Highlights: Refocusing on breath is becoming easier.  Didn't feel like I was getting sleepy today, even though I was sleep deprived!
- Issues/questions: Noises around the house, and kids playing in the snow outside, are still very distracting.  However, at least it's giving me the opportunity to try and refocus on my breath.


Day #4
- Date: 12/31/20
- Time: 1:00pm
- Duration: 8 minutes
- Highlights: Took a while, but found a really good rhythm with my breathing, to the point where it started to now feel so forced.  For the first time, I was actually disappointed when my timer went off.
- Issues/questions: Had a little tougher time than normal keeping my mind from wandering.  Eventually I was able to bring it back, but often I found myself thinking about meditating instead of actually just meditating.


Day #5
- Date: 1/1/21
- Time: 2:00pm
- Duration: 9 minutes
- Highlights: I guess the biggest highlight is that I made it through the whole nine minutes.  I wouldn't call this a successful meditation compared to days 1-4.

- Issues/questions: Same issues I've been having:  talking in my house is distracting, and random itches which seem like torture to not scratch!  This can't be a unique problem to me.  I also chose to lie down while meditating today, which was a mistake because I think my body wanted to go to sleep due to the nighttime cue it was getting.


Day #6
- Date: 1/2/21
- Time: 4:00pm
- Duration: 10 minutes
- Highlights: Probably the most focused my mind has been during meditation. I rarely had to refocus my wandering mind like I have been the last few days, and when I did have to it wasn’t very difficult.
- Issues/questions: when my 10 minutes was up I ended up taking a nap for like 40 minutes. I didn’t think I was all that tired before meditating. Is this problematic? Should I still be looking for a better time to do this?


Day #7
- Date: 1/3/21
- Time: 1:00pm
- Duration: 11 minutes
- Highlights: By far the best I felt meditating this week.  Comfortable sitting (ie. didn't need to adjust my position or scratch itches) much at all.  Was also able to objectively note those things and move on.  
- Issues/questions: I would have liked to meditate a little bit longer, by my alarm I set really threw me off.  I'd like to know how people tend to time themselves, or do experienced meditators just end when they feel like they've gotten enough out of it?