7 Day Meditation Challenge

7 Day Meditation Challenge - student project

Day 1

- Date:  20 August 2020
- Time:  8:32am
- Duration:  13 Minutes

- Highlights: I was Feeling Cool And got a postive feeling to start the day
- Issues/questions:well i was also thinking is it good to listen ur mentors and do meditiation or just do it alone

Day 2

- Date:  21th August 2020
- Time: 10:37am
- Duration:11 Minutes

- Highlights: Well Im feeling energetic towards my goal.
- Issues/questions:  the thing which i need to know is that what if i failed with the goals then what type meditation i should do to feel myself okay!

Day 3

- Date:  22th August 2020
- Time:  10:25am
- Duration:  13 Minutes

- Highlights:Well keeping a good pause just to focus life is making me think that i will do.
- Issues/questions:Well What if i make keep delaying work and couldnt finish by day what will be the way to keep yourself calm.

Day 4

- Date: 23rd August 2020
- Time: 7:00 pm
- Duration: 13 Minutes

- Highlights: Felt that i will do this! and lots of potive came in mind
- Issues/questions: How should i meditate if i failed some tasks!

Day 5

- Date: 24th August 2020
- Time:  11:48 am
- Duration: 20 Minutes

- Highlights: Felt relaxed from the stress and more energitic and got some extra focus. feels like i can accomplish todays task
- Issues/questions: well, the issue i faced was wandering other things and sometimes negative but i tried best to focus on my breathing.

Day 6

- Date:25th August 2020
- Time:6:15am and 8:30am
- Duration: 8 + 11 Minutes

- Highlights: Well today i felt relaxed and had a great morning start also
- Issues/questions: today there was no issue just a simple question is how to meditate in tense problems

Day 7

- Date: 24th August 2020
- Time:  2:50 pm
- Duration: 10 Minutes

- Highlights: felt a bit more focused and ready for my work
- Issues/questions: doing late is ok

Delvin Dsouza