66 in 52.

Welcome to my project to become unfat !

My Name is Paul , and once upon a time I was a healthy active (maybe a touch suicidal) kid. Then one summer in the dreaded teens I stayed with the grand parents. Some countless amount of halfmoon cookies and hearty meals later I returned home more round then tall. 

After that point I never recovered from the fattening. I would loose some weight here and there but never anything more then 5lbs. Only to gain it back later, sometimes it would bring friends. After many years of being blind to who I was and what I was doing I finally say the hang on my gut and woke up.

I am 6'3" and 286 lbs as of today the 17th Of Jan. My doctor tells me that I should be 180lbs, I tell her that she is insane. She agrees , but still tells me to loose weight. "Aim for 220lbs, that should be a normal weight for you" she tells me.

So not one to anger women for fun I am going to listen and try to reach this goal. 

This will be a process of evolution  starting with slow change as I build back up to being active. 

I have already removed soda and fast food from my life as well as snack foods that I midlessly plowed though. I plan to make several changes to my diet over this class in an effort to find a balanced diet that works for me. 

I will also be starting slow on the exercise and ramping up to what I am hoping will be a nice regular maintance routine. 

My only goal for this is to loose the weight. I am not looking to get ripped , or increase my endurace to run a marathon. These things should be part of the process and happen naturaly as I get fit. I am aiming for just basic good health. I will focus train if i feel the need to run for 3 hours :) 


The action plan for the rest of Jan and in to Feb is as follows! 


    Treadmill : walk 2.0 mph no incline. Walk for 15 mins min 30 max every day.


    Create a menu for a week. 

        - no processed or pre prepapred foods. 

        - only whole foods (stay out of the middle of the store)

        - adjust portions sizes (stop eating  4 servings as a meal.)

Journal :

    - Make a cook book of all the meals and foods you enjoy,might enjoyed, or tired and enjoyed.

    - Create an exercise log.  

 [Edited last: Jan 17th 3:46pm. One day I will learn to type.]


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