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6:45, How I Got My Dent, and All I Want for Christmas is You

Here are my ideas for the assignment.  I appreciate any sort of feedback.

First Story:

Exposition: I had a crush on this guy in high school.  I ended up as his prom date, but I was told by a friend that he was not interested in me that way.  I was hurt from the news but if that was the case, so be it: nothing I said or did could change his mind about me. So imagine my surprise when he started inviting me to go to the movies with him and his friends after all that prom business was over.  Imagine my surprise and confusion when at the last couple weeks of school, he started putting his arms around me or find some way to touch me.   Imagine my bigger surprise and confusion when he invited me to go to a movie with him alone.  I was still pretty convinced that he didn't like me that way, but I wasn't going to say no. We went to the 6:45 showing of a movie playing in a theater that was about half an hour away from where either of us lived.  There were a lot of wrong turns since we both sucked at directions.  Before the movie we went to some burger joint I picked.  I remember seeing a cockroach while we were eating.  

Board: Throughout the movie, I noticed he kept giving me side looks then looking straight at the screen.  At the last third of the movie, the protagonist, Seibei, profess his love to his childhood friend before he goes off to kill a man. She turns Seibei down.  "Ooh, burn" He said. "Yeah" I said.  He turned to me and I faced him.  I remember he first kissed a spot near my left eye.  When he kissed me on the lips, "YES!" was going through my mind.  I remember the old couple behind us looked peeved.  I guess they were trying to get a better view of the film.  After the movie was over, he gave me an early birthday present endearingly wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper.  I kissed him in appreciation.  We ended up getting lost again on the way home but I didn't mind too much.  I was too happy to care.

Second Story:

When I was about three or four years old,  I was pretty bored at church.  Not sure how much comprehension of mass a kid that age is supposed to have.  Suffice to say, I didn't have any.  What I liked about mass were the missal books racked between the pews.  The covers had bright jewel colors with golden illumination.  They looked like treasure.  So I started walking between the pews collecting all the books I could carry.  I had a pretty tall stack going when I all of a sudden (or due to divine intervention,) I tripped and landed on the raised kneeler with the sharp leg.  The leg bit into my cheek and I started crying. My family took me out of the church.  It was only when my grandpa took his handkerchief away from my cheek did I realize that I was bleeding.

So for the rest of my life, I have a dent next to my left eye. Most of the time It looks a like an acute angle symbol unless I smile, then it goes in like a belly button.  I always liked the assymetry it brought to my face.  It's a good way to tell me apart from my twin sister in childhood pictures.  And when a cute guy compliments my dent, it means someone was paying pretty close attention to my face :).  As I get older, my dent gets shallower and shallower.  I'm realizing that at some point in my life, my dent might actually go away.  I feel sad about it because my dent has been with me for so long...

Third Story

Exposition: Last Winter was the first time my boyfriend spent Christmas with my family.  It went really well and my parents liked having him.  The delicious enchiladas he brought over didn't hurt either.  Then it was an hour's drive to San Jose so that  we could spend time with his family.  We didn't get back till around 8 or 9.  After some pleasant conversations, his parents went to bed and we had the lviing room to ourselves.

Board:   After Chrismas with my family and Christmas with his family, we finally got some time to ourselves.  We were watching some Lois and Clark reruns and we were all snuggly on the couch.  We were about to kiss when the most foul odor crept up and died in our nostrils.  It turns out that  his parents gave Chewie, the ugliest-cutest dog you will ever see, ham for the holidays.  That's right, ham.  Those were some nasty air biscuits coming out of him.  My boyfriend and I were laughing and crying from the sheer horror and hilarity of the situation.   We even hid under the blanket but there no escaping that smell.  Despite that, we were determined to be love dovey with each other, even when it actually sort of killing us in some way.  It was the best if not the stinkiest Christmas I ever had.


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