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Jennifer Puno

Co-Founder of Octoplace.com



6 Different Meatballs and Beet Marinara Sauce

I love this recipe! Since I live in Los Angeles, I can't get these bad boys so I gotta make it. So friggin' easy. 

I made six types of meatballs, essentially I just added to the recipe. 

  1. OG - the original recipe
  2. Kimchee Meatball - my favorite
  3. Garlic
  4. Duck Skin - I stuffed the middle with chinese roast duck skin I had leftover.
  5. Extra Ricotta - Very good! 
  6. Sriracha - I thought I put a lot but the beef overpowered the sauce. 

My husband added beets to the marinara sauce which gave it a very nice earthy, sweet undertone and that color! 

The bread was from the Tartine sourdough country bread recipe. I used the same bread for the breadcrumbs, but next time I want to try pandesal or King's Hawaiian Bread. 

Also, I definitely want to find fattier ground beef. I used 78%, but I felt it could have been more juicy. 

Great success! 

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