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[ 6 - 10 BEST IMAGES ] 

Unfortunately I lost most of my work last year due to a computer issue but searched throughout the internet to see if I could find some of my great shots in my opinion and this is what I would like to share. The first phot is called the "Nikki" tee. The shoot was for a friends clothing brand. Had tons of fun covering her up in blood and just overall a great shoot. 

Unforgettable shoot. Obviously shes a beautiful girl but what she gave me in her poses and her free spirit is what made the shoot great. This portion of the shoot I wanted to incoperate that raw, edgy, Terry Richardson style with the plain back drop. 

Me and Mannion have actually had a good laugh over this photo. Self portrait I did to recreate his album cover he did for Eminem from "The Marshall Mathers LP". Took a minute to adjust the tripod to my liking and I only had so much time being that I was working with natural lighting and the sun was going down quick. 

Chose this shot cause I love what I did with my off camera flash. The lighting on his face just makes the picture awesome to me. Plus the environment and just the attitude of the photo made it feel official. 

Another self portrait. I'm my favorite model. All the post production is what made this photo what it is. Simple as that. I think I had watched The Hulk and got inspired. 

Ok so now this was fun. Self portrait I did for this "Identity Crisis" lookbook idea I had. The book was to consist of obviously the same person interacting with them selves. Never finished the lookbook but I thought I killed the shot. 

This whole shoot was so much fun. Very sexy atmosphere and she obviously delivered. One of my more intimate shoots. 

Another self portrait. I don't wanna give all my secrets away. I was in a dark place mentally that day. Funny how my emotions and who I truley am show thorugh my work. 

Great shoot. Got some accesories and alcohol and told my friends to get wasted and then I'll shoot them. This was one of the many bizarre photos I got. I love this photo.

Ok so this was one of the most difficult self portriats ever! I literally had to ask my cousin to throw water on me atleast twenty times until I got the water to form how I wanted it. Fast shutter and a speed light got it done. 




Never before has a photographers work influenced such a cinematic feel like Gregory's does. I appreciate the endless hours that goes into perfecting a photo. Gregory and his crew treat every photo as a movie set. Everything from lights in the home, standing positions and wet gravel have all been tweaked to his satisfaction. Large production shooting like this is very appealing to me.


Joshua Hoffine is strictly a horror photographer and I love it. His photos range from all types of terrors like ghost, science fictional characters and the classic blood and guts. I’m a huge horror fan and his work is very exciting. The time that goes into building his sets and the imagination he must have in order to produce these photos is truly special. The more blood the better.


Terry’s work has always been interesting to me. Well I guess you could say my opinion on his work is what’s interesting. Famous for his plain white wall backdrops, Terry’s style is purely raw. The first two photos here are the natural, point and shoot, raw material, be yourself side of his work. I was bias at first because I felt there wasn’t much skill behind his shots BUT then you have photos like the last one that are the strong fashion side of his work. I love his commercial spreads. Terry’s one of the best when it comes to capturing plain ‘ol you.


Of course we have Jonathan Mannion. I always felt like Jonathan’s work was so much like the situation where a stranger ask’s you “hey where did you get those sneakers?”. With Jonathan’s work its like “how did you get that shot?” I’ve never seen anybody have such personal access into the hip-hop culture and be able to bring the photos to life like how he does. Years and years of properly documenting the culture. To this day I see classic albums, magazines, campaigns and most of the time the man behind the camera was Mannion. 

This is a self portrait I shot mimicking Mannions shot of Eminem from ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’. His work has undeniably influenced me the last several years. The next 2 weeks of this class will be awesome. All thanks to Mannion for his time and support.


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