5/5 "Master Color in Photoshop CC"

5/5 "Master Color in Photoshop CC" - student project


PROJECT UPDATE: February 27th

Finally published the 5th part of the "Master Color in Photoshop CC" course!

5/5 "Master Color in Photoshop CC"

A complete course is available now for my students who want to take a deep dive into Color Grading.

5/5 "Master Color in Photoshop CC" - image 1 - student project


PROJECT UPDATE: February 14th

The 4th part of the course "Master Color in Photoshop CC" just published - one more to go!

4/5 "Master Color in Photoshop CC"

This class is based on a RAW conversion performed in the previous, 3rd class. Having the original RAW file adjusted with the intention for color grading we are ready to move over to Photoshop and take a deep dive into color enhancement techniques. The class presents a complete, non-destructive workflow - starting with the original image we will in no time build up towards the final artwork.

5/5 "Master Color in Photoshop CC" - image 2 - student project


PROJECT UPDATE: February 7th

Just published the 3rd class from the series of 5!

3/5 "Master Color in Photoshop CC"

Starting with the 3rd class we will jump right into the "hands-on" mode and we will be working with supporting materials. Students will learn how to convert effectively a RAW file with Adobe Camera RAW with intention of color grading. The 3rd part of the course targets post processing techniques and tools that can be used to enhance colors in images. 

5/5 "Master Color in Photoshop CC" - image 3 - student project

As a Class Projects students will perform a complete RAW conversion in few simple steps.

5/5 "Master Color in Photoshop CC" - image 4 - student project


PROJECT UPDATE: January 27th

The 2nd class from the series is ready!

2/5 "Master Color in Photoshop CC"

The most difficult part is to get started, once the project keeps rolling it gets easier with every single video. Well, almost :)

This class explores further color and its influence on composition and storytelling. Good to see it all coming together finally.

5/5 "Master Color in Photoshop CC" - image 5 - student project

The pictures below are part of the video on how color changes during the day. They illustrate how the light and its temperature has changed within several minutes - all the photos were taken during sunrise in the sunny islands of Malta.

5/5 "Master Color in Photoshop CC" - image 6 - student project


PROJECT UPDATE: January 21st

It was a very busy month! Managed to record and upload the first class from planned series of 5:

"1/5 Master Color in Photoshop CC"

I've started with a simple idea for this class, but somehow I kept adding more and more material to it. My aim is to do my best to cover the proposed subject and to provide my students good base for working with color in Photoshop. Still lots of work ahead, but I love this project!

The course focuses on a powerful impact that color has on a photography medium.

5/5 "Master Color in Photoshop CC" - image 7 - student project


PROJECT UPDATE: December 20th

Just published the 2nd, closing class “2/2 Fine Art Compositing with Photoshop CC”.

This class continues the creative process started in the 1st class and provides with all the tips & tools needed to polish off the artwork.

Students will concentrate on blending the pieces into a final artwork by working with light and color of the image. That includes working with Photoshop’s most powerful tools such as curvesblend modes and masks

“2/2 Fine Art Compositing with Photoshop CC”

5/5 "Master Color in Photoshop CC" - image 8 - student project


PROJECT UPDATE: December 10th

Published first of 2 planned classes “1/2 Fine Art Compositing with Photoshop CC”.

The class teaches how to create a composite artwork inspired by the beauty of Art Nouveau portraits painted at the end of the 19th century. To achieve harmonious result and maintain at the same time the fine art sensibility I will blend a contemporary digital portrait with stylised vintage botanic elements.

1/2 Fine Art Composite with Photoshop CC

5/5 "Master Color in Photoshop CC" - image 9 - student project



PROJECT UPDATE: November 26th

For November I have planned to publish 2 classes on Lighting Style in photography - Low and High Key.

Just published yesterday the second class, meeting my goal for this month :)

Photography Essentials: 1/2 Lighting Style in Photography - Low Key Effect

Photography Essentials: 2/2 Lighting Style in Photography - High Key Effect

5/5 "Master Color in Photoshop CC" - image 10 - student project



PROJECT UPDATE: October 2016

5/5 "Master Color in Photoshop CC" - image 11 - student project

Just finished & published the last class from the series "Amber & Teal – Cinematic Color Grading in Photoshop "!

In this series students can learn how to color grade any image to the trendy "amber & teal" color palette.

Every class comes with high quality supporting materials - I offer as free downoload images that are displayed as thumbnails. I also show in class descriptions the "original" image and the "edited" version to clearly explain what is the final outcome of the class.

Each of the 3 classes from the series presents achieving the cinematic grading with 3 alternative methods.

CLASS 3: http://skl.sh/2fj5pDk

CLASS 2: http://skl.sh/2dXiyvZ

CLASS 1: http://skl.sh/2fbSD9z

Kasia Zmokla