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519 Design - Design and Illustration

Phase 1:

Put down the bare minimum

Tested a few alignments, decided on splitting the card across the middle, and then doing a sort of hybrid for the verical alignment.

Messed around a bit with the left-side alignment in order to have a balanced-but-emphasized company name. Came up with 4 options:

1 + 2) I used a very simple version, with emphasis on "519 Design", in two different colors

3) I wanted more emphasis on "519 Design" and so made it both large and bold, and to balance out the weight emphasized my name and adjusted the vertical alignment of "illustration and design"

4) I noticed the fantastic ampersand in my font - Fengardo Neue - and decided I wanted that emphasized. I rearranged the grid so "illustration and design" was centered between the other two blocks of information, and originally had it center justified, but decided to instead define the ampersand as my center, and aligned it to the center line.

Sticking with these four options, I added an embossed look to the emphasized text on all four using Photoshop, and ended up liking the version that emphasized "Illustration & Design" - which was originally my least favorite idea.

Phase 2:

Never the self-promoting type, it took me the most time to think of what to write. I ended up putting together something I'm satisfied with. I started off with a drop cap in bold to mimic the dark emphasis on the card's front.

Then I added some small caps, italics, and on a whim colored apersands to correspond with the front, and then various other punctuation marks the same orange as the front of the card. I was happy with the result.

That's all for today - here is the front and back together so far:

Phase 3:

Using a slab font for the company name - 519 Design, I replaced the back-side of the card which I felt was too wordy. I'm all about a clean design. This became the new front of the card, while the original front I changed from Fengardo Neue to Museo Slab 500 font, and made the new back.

For the slab-fonted front I initially had a green background with "519 Design" in white Museo Slab 500.

I then remembered that I was planning on creating a logo for the company that involved what I used to call "invisible writing." Basically, you see the sides of the 3d letters, but not the body. So I changed the front to just say 519 with a transparent fill and white stroke.

This wasn't flying for me though. I liked the idea but it seemed too Urban-Outfitters-ish, which wasn't what I was going for. I inverted the colors on the front and back so I could have at least one side that had a solid green background.

Still not quite satisfied with the front but close to done, I further refined the stroke on "519" so it actually looked like the 3d sides of invisible numbers. Happy with this, I went to Photoshop and added an inner shadow effect to the "519" and "Illustration & Design" so they would look embossed and fancy.

Finished Product:


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