50s Alice

Some of my favorite fairy tale characters include:

Belle from Beauty and the Beast,

Alice from Alice in Wonderland,

Mulan from... Well, Mulan. :P

For this project, I decided to go for Alice. I changed her up a bit so she sports a 50s style sleeveless dress, and has a popular hairstyle from that era. In order to keep some elements from the story, I decided to stick with the blues of her normal dress, and added a few themes to the illustration so you could actually tell where it's from, i.e., Cheshire cat smile, Eat me drink me pattern in the background, and the bunnies on her dress skirt, as well as the watch. All in all, I quite like how it turned out! ^^ I really enjoyed this class, and research is actually a thing I needed to get into the habit of doing. :P So this kind of helped in that respect!



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