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Samantha Collier

Multimedia Design and Illustrator



500 Miles: the life and stories of a perpetual pedestrian

So, it is know that I have lots and lots of stories about constantly being a pedestrian. It sort of comes with a territory of not driving and being out walking the city at all manors of hours. It's a topic that I have been thinking about a lot since most people don't know what it's like to constantly be at the whim of the street. I thought it would make for an interesting comic. Unfortunately procrastination is king and while I know I have friends that would appreciate the stories transitioning into comic form I've greatly struggled with starting anything. I think it is because of how personal the comics are or maybe a fear of it just not leaving up to the stories? 

When I decided to check out this class I thought it would be a good cool way to get me rolling on working with this.

Here is to lighting a match under my butt.

Sketching Mania #1 (no as sketchy as one would hope) 


I'm feeling I can push the style a little harder. I'm having a super hard time breaking out of the overly detailed style I am used to. I think in my next phase I'm going a different route and use color blocking to break the shapes down even more. So keep and eye out for Sketching Mania #2 (the reckoning!)


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