50 ways

50 ways - student project

Thank you for this class.   For my project long term I have decided to work through the list over the next 50 days, having some fun with them, including looking back over my Skillshare journey to see how they have helped me and how they can continue to do so.   For my posting here I have chosen number 1, 2 and 3 draw something every day, keep a sketchbook and not worry about mistakes, and draw something new.  I guess I am also covering tip 11 here too as I love working with different mediums.  I find instagram challenges one way to ensure that I draw every day, I have put one of them on here.   It is a mini art challenge and I decided to use a tiny diary and draw in the space every day from a list of prompts given in the challenge.    I also challenged myself last week to play with the colour yellow and some primroses, and this week I have been playing with charcoal and chalk each day to create some landscape sketches of an area near our home, something I have not done before.  Over the last few years I came to see how drawing something every day really helps.  Thank you so much for sharing these tips.50 ways - image 1 - student project50 ways - image 2 - student project50 ways - image 3 - student project

Lesley Grainge
Family History Author and Illustrator