50 Shades of a Water Bottle

50 Shades of a Water Bottle - student project

Hey everyone, I created an album where I took 50 different pictures of a water bottle. Moreover, this is also the first time I shot in Manual.

Here is the link to the album:


Here are some of my favourites:

This reminds me of a black hole.
50 Shades of a Water Bottle - image 1 - student project

This is actually the image that enabled me to create all the other pictures. My studio lights fall down when I was shooting the water bottle which then made my bottle fall too and it created then this interesting effect.

I like to call this image: Back to the future

50 Shades of a Water Bottle - image 2 - student project

What I love about this image is that you can see 3 different perspectives of a water bottle. The bottle itself, the reflection & the shadow. 

In my album, I managed to created a new water bottle with those 3 components.

I called this image with another in my album: Perspective 
50 Shades of a Water Bottle - image 3 - student project

Finally, my favourite picture of all of them. This image is actually an image I tried to create in relation to conceptual photography. Moreover, it is also the first and last picture of my album 

Its called: WHO AM I?

50 Shades of a Water Bottle - image 4 - student projectAgain here is the link if you are interested to see the rest of the pics.


Ivan Leal Martins
Certified Life Coach