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5 yrs of Instagram

I am Gabzilla. Back in 2010 I got an app called Instagram on my iPhone, not really knowing what it was about. Weeks later I began to get the hang of it. Let me tell you, this social media platform has changed dramatically. Hashtags didnt exist, communication and activity with others was the way to get known. I joke and call  myself an "Insta Has Been."  Before hashtags and the ability of android use, before facebook bought it, there was the "popular page." Its now what we call the explorer page. There was a point when any image I posted was showcased on the popular page with in a few minutes of me posting it. It was exciting, I gained a following. Years later, hashtags were born, androids joined the platform and Facebook bought the app. I have to be honest, I was not a fan of any of these changes. I felt the sense of artistic community was lost. Because I felt this way, I stopped caring about the quality of pictures I was posting. I became that instagrammer that posted personal life, art, memes and junk.  

In the past year I've grown as a photographer, and have been wanting to clean up and use my Instagram for its fullest potential. This class shed light on the subject and helped me realize what I need to do. Ive been doing some major spring cleaning. Still trying to tie the loose ends, and still have lots of cleaning up to do, but I can say the that I am please with the work and effort I have put in. I am far more selective as to what I post. I love the idea of curating, something i didnt do before. Im big on color and the "film" look on my photos. I want my feed to show my personality and my artistic abilities. I still want the sense on "Me" to come through. Im pleased to say that it is showing on my Instagram and Im back to gaining more followers and staying inspired.  

Today this is what my feed looks like Instagram.com/gabzilla


I continue to share my personal life along with my photographic work. The places I go to, the people I spend my time with and the lovely folk I get paid to Photograph.

Below are a few more images that represent my Instagram @Gabzilla








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