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Ieva Bielskė

Freelance Illustrator and Linguist



5 objects for a cozy Sunday

Sunday is the only day in the week when I allow myself to relax completely and do anything I want or nothing at all. One of my hobbies is reading, so I chose this subject for this project. The 5 objects I need for a cozy Sunday reading are: armchair ('cos it's classic), blanket throw, fuzzy wool socks (which I wear at home at least 7 months a year here in Scotland), a cup/mug of tea and obviously a book, or an ereader with a few dozen books inside it.

Here are my composition sketches and a few practice sketches of some objects.




I decided to go with the 4th composition, except I'll draw the socks side by side like in other compositions.

Starting on the digital work now. Here are my scanned marks. I simply love the weave-like pattern made using an old toothbrush! I'll use it for the blanket throw.



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