Derrik Dickey

Interface Architect



5 Step Roadmap

I was a bit surprised when I saw my scores from the happiness survey.  After reviewing the details it helped highlight key areas that I can focus on to move forward.

My scores around energy levels and work life balance registered lower than I thought.  the first step on my roadmap is to focus on the balance.  It is important to force breaks from work so that redundancy and burnout don't occur.  Also, this will hopefully leave time for a healthier lifestyle and more sleep to increase energy levels.  As these go up both numbers should increase and improve overall hapiness.

The next step on my roadmap is to improve my negative feelings around stress and achievability.  This builds on step 1 as the stress levels will reduce with a healthier lifestyle and an improved vigor at the workplace will increase productivity and help accomplish more tasks in a given day that may carry over in my current state.

The third step will be to increase motivation for my job.  Building on our steps motivation for the job and renewed interest should now become more pronounced as time frees up and the overwhelming burden is lifted.  At this step a renewed outlook should begin to emerge.

This new found motivation will give the energy required to increase cooperation amongst teams which are currently lacking integration and common goals.  

If all these pieces come together applying and educating the remaining associats on the roadmap and how it can impact them will increase overal organizational and personal happiness.


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